WeBigLocal Plan

We submitted 'The Plan' for the first two years at the beginning of August 2014 and it was approved at the end of August!

This means that we can start working on real projects by drawing down some of the £100,000.00 budgeted for year one.

Now would be a great time to get involved so you can have your say, and help out with some of the projects that have been identified.


January 2013


August 2013


August 2014
The £20,000 Getting Started budget breaks down as follows:

Community Chest - Grants for local projects- £4,000.00

Event/Community Engagement budget - £1,500.00

Communications Budget - £2,000.00

Community Development Worker wage and expenses - £8,000.00

Visioning and Community Profile - £1,500.00

Training budget - £1,000.00

Contingency - £2,000.00