Community Chest - Dec 2013


The December 2013 Community Chest event was a great success! We had 42 people voting on six applications for funding

The results were as follows:

Saturday's at the Acorn

A volunteer led project which came first and won £280 to fund opening the Community Centre up one Saturday a month for everyone to come along, get involved with some crafts, use the cafe, get involved in a workshop or perhaps hold a table top sale! This was extremely well received as the Centre currently does not have the funding to open as much as they would like.

Seasonal Social

A project run by the Police and came second winning funds of £300 to host a Christmas party for vulnerable senior residents of Wecock Farm who are isolated and would benefit from a social event and the opportunity to talk about personal safety and other issues with their community policing team.

Fishing for All

A local fishing club and they won £280 to be able to take twenty residents on various fishing trips and sponsoring five youths from Wecock Farm to afford membership and learn a new hobby.

Squirrels Day Care

They received the remaining £140 to go towards new outdoor play equipment for the many children who use their facilities.

The event was really well received with plenty of food and Christmas tunes to celebrate after!